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Legal Malpractice Aid

Serving Washington Residents For Nearly 40 Years

Personal Injury And Legal Malpractice Aid

Serving Washington Residents For Nearly 40 Years

Obtaining Justice After Malpractice By An Attorney Or Another Professional

When you work with a licensed professional, you can expect a certain level of trust. When a licensed professional breaks that trust and fails to behave according to the standards their profession demands, they may have committed professional malpractice. Marc L. Silverman, Attorney at Law understands the impacts that malpractice can have on individuals, families and businesses, and he strives to obtain justice for those that have been somehow wronged by a licensed professional in the Puget Sound area.

Types Of Professional Malpractice

Most areas of professional malpractice can have a harsh impact on your financial and emotional well-being. One of the most personally damaging of these areas is legal malpractice because it can affect not only your finances, but your personal freedom as well. However, legal malpractice is easily misunderstood. An undesirable outcome for your case—for instance, not recovering what you thought you’d recover—does not mean that you have been a victim of legal malpractice.

Generally, a lawyer may have been negligent if he/she has acted, or failed to act, within the proper standard of care. Negligence can be “litigation”- related, such as allowing a statute of limitations to expire, or “transaction”- related, such as mishandling the sale of real property or a business.  Sometimes a lawyer may behave unethically under the Washington State Rules of Professional Conduct. It takes a great deal of experience to understand and help remedy these kinds of problems.

If your lawyer acted carelessly with regard to your case and the outcome harmed you and caused financial loss, then you may have a basis for a legal malpractice suit.

Lawyers and doctors are not the only professionals that can be sued for malpractice. Many occupations that require a license to operate can be considered in malpractice. For instance:

  • An accountant that failed to balance your books correctly, resulting in the loss of your business
  • An architect or engineer that failed to confirm their calculations, resulting in a building collapse
  • A real estate agent that failed to mention defects in a house, resulting in injury or financial loss
  • A psychological therapist that encouraged or failed to address harmful behaviors

Litigating Professional Malpractice

Building a professional malpractice case means determining whether the licensed professional acted with negligence. Unfortunately, proving negligence in court can be difficult. That is why it is crucial that you seek experienced legal counsel if you wish to pursue a malpractice suit. Marc L. Silverman, Attorney at Law can help you determine whether you have suffered malpractice at the hands of a liable professional and begin building the best possible case for your lawsuit.

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