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Serving Washington Residents For Nearly 40 Years

Personal Injury And Legal Malpractice Aid

Serving Washington Residents For Nearly 40 Years
Marc L. Silverman
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You Can Trust Marc L. Silverman With Your Future

Are you experiencing stress and fear after an injury? Are you worried about how you will pay for your medical bills? Many families and individuals in and around Puget Sound cannot afford extended time away from work or an influx of sudden and expensive medical bills. In cases like yours, the law may be able to help.

Personal injury law is more than what you see in television commercials. When our neighbors are in need because someone else failed to act responsibly, personal injury law offers a way to hold that person accountable for the harms they cause. Whether your injury comes from a car crash, severe medical error or work accident, a successful claim can help you maintain your quality of life and cover your bills while you recover.

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Marc L. Silverman

Attorney Marc L. Silverman

With over 4 decades of legal experience and a reputation for passionate and highly ethical care, attorney Marc L. Silverman can give you the honest advice and resources you need. He is committed to upstanding service and obtaining justice. Ask him how he can help you.

What Happens When A Trusted Professional Fails To Provide The Appropriate Standard Of Care?

Most professional occupations in America require licensed professionals to uphold a duty or standard of care. The code of professional ethics holds doctors, nurses, lawyers and even accountants accountable. Because these professional and ethical standards can lead to serious physical, financial and legal ramifications, malpractice cases can offer a means to rectify the harms done. Whether your doctor or nurse improperly cared for an injury or a lawyer does not fulfill their end of a legal relationship, a malpractice suit can help you receive compensation for the loss of time, energy and money.

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Client Testimonials

5 Stars

I retained Marc Silverman to represent me for an unfortunate automobile accident. Marc’s professional manner, knowledge of the law and his willingness to go the extra mile was such a blessing. I appreciated his professional manner, work ethic and everything he did for me!

-Corinne Calabrese

Your tenacity in my case was overwhelming. I consider you a master at not just putting together a plan, but where outside expertise was needed, you found not just anyone, but the best expert available. In my case, we were up against a giant insurance company.

-Earl Thompson

Marc took plenty of time with us during our appointments and never hurried us. He was completely professional. From the very beginning of my case, Marc immediately went to work, rooting out every detail so that the doctor’s lawyers would not get the upper-hand…

-Ross Fielding